2017 International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Technology 

November 24-26, 2017, Nanhua University, Chiayi, Taiwan
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Brief Introduction of Chiayi


Chiayi, officially known as Chiayi City, is a provincial city located in the plains of southwestern Taiwan. Formerly called Kagee during the late Qing Dynasty and Kagi during the Japanese era (Chinese and Japanese: 嘉義), its historical name is Tirosen.

Chiayi City is located on the north side of Chianan Plain, south west of Taiwan Island. On the east side is the Mount Ali, on the west side is the Chiayi Airport, on the north side is the Puzi River and on the south side is the Bazhang River. The distance from east to west of Chiayi City is 15.8 km and from north to south is 10.5 km with a total area of 60.0256 km2. Chiayi City is completely surrounded by Chiayi County. Most of Chiayi City land are broad flat fertility plains. The terrain slowly rises from west to east.

Chiayi City has a warm, monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate. Northeasterly winds during fall and winter mean that rainfall is depressed during that time, while southwesterly winds during summer and the later portion of spring bring most of the year's rainfall, with more than 60% falling from June to August. Humidity is high year-round, even during winter.

Chiayi is the city of wind music in Taiwan. The wind music festival started as a local event in 1988, when it was more like a joint performance by local wind music bands. Over the years the festival has become the most anticipated annual event in Chiayi.

Over the past 20 years, Chiayi County had often been left out in the regional economic development due to its less strategic location, lack of infrastructure and appropriate industrial land to attract manufacturers to set up factories in the area. All of the existing industrial parks in the county were built before 1981. Class 2 and class 3 industries have been developing slowly throughout Chiayi, thus the economic development is sluggish as well, resulting in slow urban development.

Three industrial parks named the Dapumei Industrial Park, Ma Chou Hou Industrial Park and Budai Intelligent Industrial Park are currently under planning in the county. Industrial parks in the neighboring counties and cities also contributed to the difficulty of industrial developments in Chiayi County.

There are many tourist attractions
Museums: Notable museums and monuments in Chiayi County are the National Radio Museum, Ping Huang Coffee Museum, Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum and Tropic of Cancer Monument.
Natural: Bordered by mountains on one side and sea on the other side, Chiayi County holds three major national parks, which are Alishan National Scenic Area, Southwest Coast National Scenic Area and Siraya National Scenic Area, each represents a unique view of nature's wonders, from mountains, plains to ocean views.[8] It also houses the Haomeiliao Wetland.
Dams: The county also has the following dams, which are Renyitan Dam and Zengwen Dam.
Buildings: The county houses the Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf and High-Heel Wedding Church.


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